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Directors: Lluís Quílez

Writers: Javier Gullón (screenplay), David Pastor

Genres: Comedy

Releasing Date:  10 April 2015 (Mexico)

Duration : 1 hour 32 Minute

Stars: Frank Cuervo, Pixie Davies, Alejandro Furth

IMDb Rating: 4.7/10


New York, London, Santa Clara (Colombia). These are not the branches of a questionable fashion labels, but the residence of the Harriman family. After Sarah and Paul Harriman have become weary of their lives in the great metropolises of the city, dragging with her daughter Hannah in the Colombian city. The decision comes naturally no coincidence, because Sarah’s father Jordan has the daughter a job at its paper mill at. And of course, the move also the unique opportunity to be the victim of a local curse in the form of disfigured children’s spirits. The whole family is plagued by eerie visions and soon the parents must decipher a decades-old mystery to save her daughter. In short, is haunted and things happen.Watch Online Movies without any subscription or Registration.