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Director: Tom Ford
Stars: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon
Writers: Tom Ford, Austin Wright

Plot: Susan Morrow is a Los Angeles gallery owner with a privileged life married to Hutton Morrow, her second husband. One weekend, while her husband is on one of his frequent business trips, Susan receives a parcel in the mailbox. The package contains the first novel by her ex-husband Edward Sheffield, who has not heard from for years. As she was always his best critic he asks in a note to read the novel and to get in touch with him as he will stay a few days in the city. Susan accepts and plunges into the narrative. The novel catches her in such a way that she realizes that her life is missing something and she begins to relive her past and question her future. For more watch online movies stream From Safe and Secure Links.

‘Nocturnal Animals 2016 Movie’

Nocturnal Animals 2016