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Watch Blunt Force Trauma 2015 Movie

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Director: Ken Sanzel

StarsMickey RourkeFreida PintoRyan Kwanten

Releasing Date: 20 July 2015 (USA)

Plot: Kwanten and horse play attractive gunfighters, John and Colt, during this tale of contemporary day duellists shooting it move into unlawful underground arenas. the sport is easy to add up: 2 fighters enter the ring and interchange tiny circles across from one another. A choose indicates once the combatants square measure allowed to start out shooting, and that they then shoot at one another till one is knocked out of their circle. The fighters wear bulletproof vests, and you’re solely allowed to shoot your opponent within the vest – any hit outside of it’s a foul, and you’re disqualified. Watch Free Movie Streaming without Paying anything.