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Battlefield 2025 2020

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Title: Battlefield 2025 2020
Genres: 2020 Movies | Sci-Fi
Quality: HD
IMDB Rating: 2.1/10
Directors: Joseph Mbah
Writer: Robert Conway, Joseph Mbah
Stars: Jose Rosete, Anna Harr, Dustin Leighton

Synopsis: Watch Battlefield 2025 2020 movie free in 720p Quality. Ali and Derek are classmates who go camping. They are accompanied by the older sister of one of the boys, along with her boyfriend. The guys are looking forward to a busy rest, but do not even suspect what they will face. On the way, they met two men, one of whom was injured. The guys decided to help them in whatever way they could. However, the strangers turned out to be criminals who had escaped from prison and were greatly alarmed when they met a police officer. The fugitives got their weapons, and at that time in the Arizona County an alien ship wrecked, on board which was a dangerous creature from another world. No need to waste time endlessly browsing, here’s the entire lineup of new movies streaming on popcornflix site.